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Cool Running Driver App

How To Install Our Mobile App

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Driver Login Tutorials

Standard Login: Route & Customer List

Login as a Guest (Sales)

Emergency Access

Driver Daily Procedure

On Route

Off Route

In-App Features

Location Information Screen

Location & Merchandisers Mapping

Driver Service Options Explained

Driver Profile Explained

Proof of Delivery Explained

Real Life Demo

Ticket Book vs. Cool Running Driver App

End of Day Reconciliation

In-App Billing Features

Pre-Orders Explained

ROA (Paid on Delivery) Explained

Datecs Printers

How To Repair Bluetooth

How To Reset Bluetooth Pairing

Compatibility With IOS

Repair / Refurbishing

Moving Partnership Between IOS & Android

Cool Running Web Server

Admin Overview

Security Review

Datawarehouse Review

Objects Reviews

Settings Review

Admin Cont.

The Power of Surcharges

Changing Invoice Header & Footer

Managing Users

Creating a New User

Manage Your Handheld License

Managing Mobile Devices on Your License

Managing Locations

Adding a New Customer & Location

Gecode Merchandisers at Locations

Managing Products

Adding a New Product With a Junior Product

Adding a New Product With No Junior Product

Managing Your Vehicles

Adding New Vehicles To Your Fleet

Loading Trucks From CR Driver & Web System

RouteVision Features

RouteVision Explained

Live Truck Inventory Tracking

Time of Delivery Indicator

Route Replay & Driver Breadcrumbs

API Integrations

BlueSnap Demo

IceQ Demo